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About Us


About Us

Mr. Ahmed Badawy Law Office and Legal Consultation

Ahmed Badawi, cassation lawyer, was born in (1976), studied at the Faculty of Law, Cairo University, graduated in 1997, served in the Egyptian Armed Forces as a reserve officer, was referred to the reserve in 2001, and began his career in a number of Egyptian government institutions before he devoted himself to self-employment in 2003 and obtained A number of certificates in graduate studies from Cairo University and holds a number of training courses in various fields of law and holds an honorary degree from one of the German universities in recognition of a number of his researches in the field of international law, honored to attend a number of international conferences inside and outside Egypt, and included in the registration of a union Lawyers up Arrived lawyer under the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative

About Us

The experiences of Professor Ahmed Badawi

Previously, he worked for many government institutions in Egypt during the beginning of the second millennium, then he traveled to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh and worked as a legal consultant for a number of well-known law firms in the Kingdom and Muhanna for example (Al-Hajjah Al-Damgeh Office - Al Mutlaq Office Lawyers and Consultants - Al Rayes Office for Legal Consultations and Law Firm ) During that period, he wrote his first legal book in the name of (Islamic law increased and kissing statutory laws) and then moved to work in one of the offices of the sovereign authorities in Riyadh throughout the second decade of the second millennium as a legal adviser and deputy director of the administration A legal authority for a sovereign entity until the date of returning to Egypt in 2017 and established a professional legal group to provide legal services for national and regional people and companies, and there are three offices that are managed through its main office located in Cairo, Al-Moqattam district, then he worked in the media field by establishing and providing a weekly TV program in the name of (Maak in Al-Ghorba It is broadcast every week on the Health and Beauty Channel every Thursday from 6-8 pm Cairo time, and the legal group of Chancellor Ahmed Badawi is linked to cooperation agreements and cooperation protocols with a number of law firms in some Arab and Gulf countries, some European countries and some foundations Sat government services in Egypt and abroad.

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